Mobile Music Polyphonic


Create MIDI polyphonic ringtones for your mobile phone


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Mobile Music Polyphonic is a program that lets you create and compose polyphonic ringtones and with which you can write out your own musical scores and save them in a format that is compatible with polyphonic mobile phones.

The creation of your ringtone can be as complete as you want it to be, and the program includes very advanced options with which to write musical notes and other elements from the language of music. You modify the tempo, tone and instruments on your music, among other options.

Once the ringtone is created, you can save it in SMAF (mmf) or MIDI (mid) format. Plus, you can also convert midi, mmf, wav and mp3 files to mmf, midi or amr format.

The trial version only lets you export a portion of the ringtone.

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